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Static Website Hosting

There are multiple options for static hosting of your website. In this post I’ll list most popular ones and I tried most of these.

Hosting on AWS S3

Non-HTTPS hosting on AWS S3 is pretty simple and it is outlined in good details in the official S3 Hosting tutorial.

However, exposing your website via HTTPS requires a bit more manipulations. I found this manual on medium.com. These steps essentially boil down to exposing your S3 bucket via cloudfront, also you need to request a new TLS certificate and bind it to your cloudfront distribution.

Nanobox and hosting on other cloud providers

I won’t list steps required to host your website on the other hosting providers, however you may not need to dive deeper into your cloud hoster’s deployment instructions if you use tool like Nanobox.

Hosting on Github

Hosting on Github Pages

Hosting on Bitbucket

Bitbucket Pages


Hosting on KeyCDN

Hosting on Firebase

Firebase tool from Google

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